“The siege site has seen many different faces, objects, and more importantly; changes. At the Kelly Gang Commerative Dinner hosted some protestors, all donned up with flower pots for helmets, and cardboard signs from old Retravision store boxes”


The siege site; a magnificent site, which in the end, led tSiege Streeto the sad death of Joe Byrne. The siege also ended in the capture of the leader, Ned Kelly.

On a usual cold and frosty morning, taking a walk around the sites, urged me to make a special page, based upon the events of the siege, and basically what remains there to this very day.

“...I urge you to take a look at this ground, imagine, what happened here, sure, sure it's the place where Ned Kelly and the gang had the last battle and sure, they lost it, but just imagine what happened here...”

The siege site has seen many different faces, objects, and more importantly; changes. At the Kelly Gang Commerative Dinner hosted some protestors, all donned up with flower pots for helmets, and cardboard signs from old Retravision store boxesThe Bystanders .
The Glenrowan Improvers, who have done a fantastic job in rebuilding the siege site, have installed “Pole Men”  which make up, the Kellys, the police, and also the bystanders! they really make a difference.

On the Siege site is a small marker, where a pistol was found on the 11th of March 1997, the tree, in which the pistol was found at the base of, was only a very small shrub during the siege of Glenrowan. Now days, the tree, or should I say shrub in the siege day, is now a huge old gum.

The Railway station has been rebuilt to almost it's original state. This is where Joe's stiffened cGlenrowanorpse was taken after he was shot and killed about 12 hours previous. Also Ned himself laid on this site of the railway station after being captured.

Also, quite amazingly, the sign for the Glenrowan station, as it was in 1880 has been fully restored and looks absolutely amazing, even as travellers whiz by in the trains, they can still say they are passing by the township of Glenrowan.

Glenrowan is very much battle scared today as it was in 1880. Many stores, food outlets and even movable dummies have been brought to the small “stop over”  township of Glenrowan, all in the name of the Kelly Gang. Isn't it amazing what four men can do? 

The Ann Jones Inn site is absolutely fantastic, the Improvers have placed an exact replica of the sign, which hence lay on the exact site it is now.

“The above signboard is a replica of the original which was erected here in 1874. The front Verandah of the Inn to which police laid siege on June 28th 1880 extended westward from this place to the corner of Siege street and Beaconsfield parade” - The Glenrowan Inn signboard.

The siege of Glenrowan only lasted twelve and a half hours, but the legacy of it will last forever. So if you pass through the north east, or in at Glenrowan, stick around a while, and  you may just be surprised!


The Kelly gang centenary dinner, to commemorate the siege at Glenrowan 122 years previous. I attended this dinner which I must say was very good, I will guide you through the events which took place at this very special event.

At 7pm I arrived at the door, waiting there, it was a cool night, the cool breeze was lovely, as we (Rod and Chris Gerrett & Myself) shuffled in through the door, and we yacking in each others ear for the passing of the next few minutes, me and Ian Jones had a quick chat, then the main event of the evening had arrived on horsJoe's armour: Kelly Commerative dinnere back, Joe's Armour was been ridden into the famous battle site of the police and the gang, I thought I seen a few tears roll down some eyes once or twice during the night. As the armour was carefully taken from the horse, it was walked through the mounting crowd, and was set up inside, the excitement of getting into the next room was un bearable, eventually we moved onto into the next room, we were seated, and all began talking.

All focus was on the armour, everyone seemed to be hovering around it, I waited until everyone cleared, and I got my look, and I was moved inside, I took notes in my mind of how it looked, and eventually, I sat down and waited for the tucker.

But I couldn't keep still in my seat; I wanted to touch the armour, but I must admit, the security guards there did do a good job. One bloke got a " Feel " of the outlaw armour, but was quickly, " Sent in right path " if you get my drift......

Along came the food; but I wasn't too concerned about filling my stomach, I still wanted too touch that armour, as I glared at it from my seat, I couldn't believe it was actually here, at the famous siege site, were I thought it would never return.

A few speeches were made, funding for the Kelly Tourism in Glenrowan, and, also that this event will be a yearly event, which is great news, Joe Online will keep you posted when the next one is almost looming.

I walked outside to view the peaceful and my personal favourite site of the Kelly gang. More speeches came, and then, Ian Jones took the microphone and blasted us with his Kelly expertise.

His speech was amazing, moving and spectacular, I recorded his speech on my hand held recorded, and listen to it very often. Some of the highlight's were:

...Ned Kelly arrived to see his best mate, Joe Byrne killed...”

I was moved, after Ian's talk, Ashley Davies lit us up in lights with his new Ned Kelly cd, and the Last Stand track, also made me withdraw the Handkerchief again. The last stand moved me again, and it was so good, being at the siege site listening to the sounds of the Last Stand. I felt for Joe then...

As the night rolled on, the music from the sheds filled the coldness of the Kelly Country breeze, and me and Ian began to talk about the site of Ned's capture. Eventually, the night had ended, I watched as the armour was packed away, and we were off talking we were the last to leave, and, enjoying the night thoroughly, I went around the siege site for my last look until next morning, and eventually headed home, enjoying myself to the fullest! I highly recommend anyone who wishes to go you will not regret it!