It's great to see you are doing a site on Joe Byrne. Despite his low profile, Joe's role in the Kelly story should not be underestimated or undervalued. No matter what is said about Joe in retrospect - we should not forget that Ned respected and trusted him utterly, and that he played a main role in the legend of the Kelly gang. It will be great to get a closer look at him and hopefully from your work on this site, we will all get a better understanding of Joe the man ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Anton Wick
Ann Fuller | | 01.03.2003
Hi Mike, I'm so excited I can hardly type. Just found your website by typing "Anton+Wick" into Google - just found Google too. I was absolutely astounded to read "How does being related to Anton Wick affect your family ...". Gob smacked I was, as I am related to Anton Wick also. My grandfather was Herbert Reginald Wicks, who was the son of William Frederick Wicks, married to Anne Murray. My grandfather was born at "Sebastopol" on the 25th July 1897 and was one of 12 children. I guess I am also related to Allison O'Sullivan. Can I ask how long ago your interview was conducted? Is there some way that I may get in touch with this lady, this great-aunt(?) of mine? Your advice would be most appreciated. Kind regards, Ann Fuller, Dee Why, NSW. - Joe Online connects an unknown family tie! Hooray! - Mike

joe byrne

calvin foster | | 01.03.2003
I am 13 years of age and have been interested in The Kelly gang since i was 6.I have many books on the kelly gang including The inner history of the kelly gang byJ.J Kenneally,Ned Kelly a short life(what i call the ned kelly bible)by ian jones and The fatal friendship which i have just brought and am currently reading also by ian jones.I have learn't 95% of my facts from his books so i would like to thank ian for that,i would also congratulate you on a great web site.thank you and bye - Thanks a lot! Fatal Friendship's the best! - Mike

Good Webpage!

Jason Kerrigan
| | 4.02.2003
What a beuty this webpage is, Thanks for making it! - Thanks! -  Mike.

orlando bloom

| | 4.02.2003
I love this website it tells everything about anything and it tells the character of the true, amazing,hott,very intelligent, good actor Orlando Bloom A.K.A orli! Tell orlando Bloom i love him! - Ok then, but I don't know how I will see him! -  Mike.


Lisa |
email not given | 14.01.2003
Dear Mike,Just a note to say thankyou for your lovely response to my letter.It is wonderful to know you go to Joe's.Thanks again for this terrific website.Yours Sincerely,Lisa - Thanks again Lisa, If you want, you could give me your email address; I would love to chat about "the boys" just give me a call on 0401 274 730  - Mike.

Ned and Joe 2003

Mark Perry | | 12.01.2003
Hi Mike. The site is looking great! You are to be commended. Glad you are the first to showcase the revamped cover of Ian Jones "Friendship" as well. In my opinion, the original, published in 1992, is one of the best books on the Kelly saga out there! Looking forward to seeing new version of Ians "A Short Life" in March as well. It appears this year of NED has got off to a flying start. Hope I can make it over to see the "Iron Helmets and Smoking Guns" film festival. If not, I will certainly be there for opening of new exhibition! I have also recently read a review of the rough cut of Heath Ledger film which doesn't inspire confidence...Fingers crossed...Looks like the Kelly Legend is alive and well!!! Keep up the GROUSE (to use a Victorian word..) work...Regards  MARK PERRY-ADELAIDE - Thanks mate, folks, the year of the boys is about to erupt! - Mike.

Joe Byrne

Lisa | email not given | 11.01.2003
Dear Mike,  Hi,my name is Lisa and I am a fellow obsessed Kelly gang person,I have been ever since I was 14.I have also always thought the world of Joe and just wanted to write and say how fantastic your site is! I wrote to you a while ago via your other Kelly Gang site and it was great to see the letter here at Joe online.Thanks.I also just wanted to say that it was lovely to see the photo of Joe's grave on here,also because I could see my flowers in the photo.They are the purple statis in the painted jar,and the artificial flowers at the back of Joe's gravestone,the yellow and blue,and the blue flowers which are the newest.When we first visited Kelly Country,which was over 10 years ago,we would put flowers there for Joe at the tree.A few years ago we found out that they were going to put a gravestone there for Joe.We went to the rededication which was in 1996,on the anniversary of Joe's burial 29th June.We live in Sydney and it rained all the way from there to Benalla,but when we got to Joe's it stopped.It was a terrific day,but also pretty sad.In 1998 we went to Benalla to see Joe's armour which was displayed at the pioneer museum.I couldn't believe that his armour was not in a case or anything,and I couldn't resist the chance to touch Joe's armour.Which I did carefully.I have always really strongly admired and loved Ned,Joe,Steve and Dan equally,though especially Ned.Whenever we go to Kelly country I always put statis flowers there for the boys because they are really pretty and last a long time.Whenever our artificial flowers at Joe's begin to get old we put them near the tree.Last time I took away the older flowers near the tree that we had put there over the years as they started to look messy.I used to put pretty artificial flowers for Dan and Steve at Greta,but they were rudely mowed over by whoever the groundskeeper is there.We just put the statis flowers there for them with extra ones for Ned,like at Joe's.When I go to Old Melbourne Gaol I put them there as well.It is a beautiful place at the Woolshed isn't it. - you got that right, Lisa! I  especially like the creek near the Byrne home.It is easy to picture Joe there.We have been lucky enough to see all the boys armour over the years at exhibitions,all four together and all four separate.It is just incredible how they made them.To actually be in places where the boys were is just unbelievable.I hadn't realised I had written so much,I hope that is alright.I just want to say again how great this website is,it is one of my favourites.And in the words of my favourite poet Joe Byrne......'Long may they reign,The Kelly's,Byrne and Hart'.Best Wishes,from,Lisa - I had always honestly wondered who placed those lovely flowers there! I think it's just you and me who lay them, there should be more people, shouldn't there? maybe we will meet at Joe's grave, I go there every Sunday night. This is the longest, and probably best feedback I have ever received, thanks Lisa - Mike.

The Friendship is back!

Matt | | 10.01.2003
G'day Mike, We thought that you and your regulars would like to see the fantastic new cover for Ian Jones's  book, 'The Fatal Friendship'. The book was originally published back in 1992 as 'The Friendship That Destroyed Ned Kelly'. It has since become a much sought after collector's item. As you would know, an original edition is now very hard to find! 'The Fatal Friendship' tells the amazing and tragic story of Aaron Sherritt and Joe Byrne with amazing clarity and detail. Those of you who enjoyed Ian's book, 'Ned Kelly: A Short Life' will be bowled over by 'The Fatal Friendship'. An absolute must read for anyone interested in Kelly history. The exciting new edition, with revised text and fascinating new illustrations, will be released at the end of January 2003. All the best, Matt Shore and Brendan Pearse 'The Legend Of Ned Kelly - The Beacon, Southgate' - I can't wait!! Surfers of Joe Online, you are the first to see it! - Mike.


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