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“The most ultimate book, on Joe, there is no substitute, this book is a must for anyone researching Joe, Mr Jones, goes into depth behind the reins of Joseph Byrne, and also, as the title describes The Friendship that destroyed Ned Kelly”

But, which book do I choose? which is best? Which is most accurate? Joe Online now, gives you the helping hand! Every book below has been cut out into three sections, Non-Fiction, Fiction and Magazine.

Also, as a guide, we have placed a rating, of a possible five Joe helmet's, if the book receives five Joe Helmet's, it's gospel, if it receives one helmet, it's more than likely a shocker! Enjoy.


The most ultimate book, on Joe, there is no substitute, this book is a must for anyone researching Joe, Mr Jones goes into depth behind the reins of Joseph Byrne, as the title describes 'The Friendship that destroyed Ned Kelly'  The Friendship is about to be re-released, under the new title of
“The Fatal Friendship” . The pictures, write-ups, interviews, are all jammed packed inside this fantastic book. If you wish to possibly find a copy, your best hopes check them out and do a search for 'The Friendship that destroyed Ned Kelly' you may have some luck! Happy hunting.

Black Snake: The daring of Ned Kelly, is a must have if you are a Kelly gang fanatic. It puts it's reader in a light that lets no judging being known; you make your own decisions. It has little 'Opinions' of people of the outbreak, for example, a Fanny Shaw, who really was there during the Euroa Bank hold-up, tells the reader how frightened she was. It has a great section on Joe which is very accurate, and also points out what a lot of books seem to miss is that Carole Wilkinson, mentioned that Joe wrote Ned Kelly's famous letters. A good read...


The Inner History

This book is the grandpa of them all! The book has been around from the begging of time, well if you class 1929 as the beginning of time! Champion book, old, fantastic and rare!


Nancy Keesing's book gives you an interesting insight to the point of views of the police officers directly involved with the outbreak, and interesting book to get a hold of, only for the interviews, but Keesing's writing is...well bad!


This book is excellent! It covers 100 Australian bushrangers from 1799-1901, in this it has a huge page on Joe, which I, personally use for reference to Joe's prison record; It is the best an most clearest scan I have ever seen! It also includes Aaron Sherritt, Wild Wright and Steve Hart just to name a few. Just get out there and buy this fantastic book!

This book is another great one! it gives a drawing insight which is new and fresh! It includes Joe's wonderful and most beautiful spot in the whole world, the infamous Woolshed Valley, which Joe loved so much. Also included, is Glenrowan, Beechworth and every where in between, this book is also a must get on your Joe list!....


Okay, I know what you must be thinking! The Book of Keli is fiction, so, what's it doing in the Non-Fiction section? Okay, I thought this book was too old to be placed in the Fiction section. So, I decided to index it in the Non-Fiction to add some spark. The book, would have been read by Joe, and the gang probably got a laugh out of it. It is a funny, and characteristic book, but in all, is an enjoyable little read moving away from " The friendship that destroyed Ned Kelly " and is a different insight, worth a read for the six dollars I paid...