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 It's great to see you are doing a site on Joe Byrne. Despite his low profile, Joe's role in the Kelly story should not be underestimated or undervalued. No matter what is said about Joe in retrospect - we should not forget that Ned respected and trusted him utterly, and that he played a main role in the legend of the Kelly gang. It will be great to get a closer look at him and hopefully from your work on this site, we will all get a better understanding of Joe the man ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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Joe Byrne
Calvin Foster
[email not given] 15.07.2003
Hi mike.I would like to know if it is true that the police tried to place a gun in his hand when he was strung on the lock-up door.Thanks mike and your site rocks Unfortunately, I have never heard of this, I would seriously doubt it, perhaps wherever you have read it, the author of the document, website etc... got confused between Dan Morgan and Joe Byrne. A firearm was placed in Dan Morgan's hand, but I have never heard of a firearm being placed in the hands of our Joe. But I am interested to know where you have heard this...