Coroner's Report -- Sgt. Kennedy

Sgt Kennedy's body was not found until 8 a.m. on the following Thursday.

"On Friday morning at eight o'clock an inquest was held at the hospital, conducted by H. H. Kitchen, Esq., J.P. ...

"Dr. Reynolds deposed that he had seen the body of Michael Kennedy. Had no doubt that death took place on the same day that the two other constables died whose bodies he had examined on the 19th inst. There was a large wound in centre of the sternum, which he believed was caused by a charge of shot fired at a very short range and passed completely through the body and out at the back. His reasons for coming to this conclusion that it was shot and not a bullet -- was the size of the wound and the appearance of the rents through the clothes. The cause of death was a gun shot wound through the chest. This closed the inquiry."