" It's great to see you are doing a site on Joe Byrne. Despite his low profile, Joe's role in the Kelly story should not be underestimated or undervalued. No matter what is said about Joe in retrospect - we should not forget that Ned respected and trusted him utterly, and that he played a main role in the legend of the Kelly gang. It will be great to get a closer look at him and hopefully from your work on this site, we will all get a better understanding of Joe the man"


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The Good Feedback

gerlinde harmer | legolinda@gmx.at | 03.09.2002

SUBJECT: Joe Byrne

hello! its great this site. i have read a lot of the kelly gang and i am very interested in the character of joe byrne. please go on with this and let me know, what i can do for this subject - it would make me very happy to help you.
greetings from vienna gerlinde - Thanks, Gerlinde, Joe is a VERY interesting character. Cheers - Mike

Kathy |diosaegipto@yahoo.com | 03.09.2002

SUBJECT: Joe Byrne

Are there anymore pictures of Joe? I would like to see better closeup pictures, so that I can see his features. - Thanks for the comments Kathy the closest picture of Joe is a picture entitled, Byrne: After Hanging, I cannot find the book I have a picture of it in but when I do I'll add it, but if you want the explanatory version of Joe's features, listed on his prison record it states:

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Fair

Height: 5 feet 9 1/2 inches - Mike.

Matthew Sumner | email not given | 25.08.2002

SUBJECT: Joe Byrne

Hi Mike,
Congratulations on a very different website. It's very creative and interesting.What do you think of the publicity shots of Orlando Bloom as Joe? Personally I think he really looks the part.Keep up the good work!
- Thanks so much Matthew, I am glad I am getting in some excellent comments, now to your question, Orlando Bloom, as Joe, I think he looks super special, he has all the feature's that Joe had, I agree with you mate. Good stuff & thanks! If I can get the rights to a shot of Orlando I will put it up! - Mike.

Tania Straus | tanias@bigond.com | 24.08.2002

SUBJECT: Site Review

Interesting insight, into the life and times, of Joe Byrne.

Young Lawson certainly has a passion, and will be a historical expert, into Byrne History, to reckon with in the future. - Thanks Tania, comments like these keep my flame burning! - Mike.

Matt Shore | matt@nedtheexhibition.com | 17.08.2002


G'day Mike, Great to see you new site up and running. All of us
that have met you know how passionate you are about 'the boys'. It is
great to see a young bloke who isn't obsessed with Nintendo or
Playstation - instead, you're out there researching and promoting
Australian history. Such a fascinating subject. I agree that Joe is a very
interesting charachter. 'The Friendship That Destroyed Ned Kelly ' - the bible may I add! really
got me interested in Joe and Aaron, and their tragic story. It also got me
hooked on the magnificent Woolshed Valley. I wish you all the best of
luck, keep at it and I'm sure that we will see you at the new museum in
Beechworth. Congratulations mate! - Thank you so much Matty, your sure you'll see me in Beechworth, Mate you bet your bottom dollar you will see me in Beecworth! I owe you and Doctor Rock heaps, thanks fella's I really love you blokes! - Mike.

Sid | email not given | 15.08.2002

SUBJECT: Joe was the ' Murderer ' of the gang

To Joe Online,

I just wanted to inform you that Joe Byrne was a murdering, thuggish thief, who killed Aaron Sherritt in clod blooded murder. I don't think this beast deserves a website. - Unfortunately there are people like this dickhead in world, Joe Byrne, in my personal opinion, was pushed ' over the edge ' and was forced to kill Aaron by, as Joe puts it in his letter to Aaron " the Lloyds and Quinns want you shot but I say no you are on our side" Anyone want to reply to this? Feel Free!.......

Lisa | email not given | 07.08.2002

SUBJECT: Joe Online feedback

I just wanted to say your site is great.I have also been
obsessed with Ned,Dan,Joe and Steve since childhood.I visit Kelly Country
regularly,what a brilliant place.I have been to great exhibitions etc
including the re-dedication of Joe's grave at Benalla in '96,Men of Iron
exhibit,Ned the exhibition,Kelly Gang exhibit at the Justice Museum
Sydney,Joe's armour exhibit in Benalla,and other Kelly Gang exhibits at
the State Library,Hyde Park Barracks,Victoria Police Museum etc.I just
love them.I have been collecting books,documents articles and anything to
do with them since aged 14 years.Your website is really enjoyable.Thanks!
Yours Sincerely,Lisa. - Thanks so much Lisa, I wish you had left your email, I would really enjoy having a chat to you, if you want to email me, please do so. Again thanks for the awesome comments, yes also I have been into the gang for a long time, and eventully I turned to Joe, I collect books and basically the same as Lisa, everything I can possibly get of them since age 9. I am really thrilled from your great comments, it is really great to recieve emails like this after a loot of hard work you have put in, Thanks - Mike.

Nicky Cowie | nickycowie@today.com.au | bailup.com | 07.08.2002

SUBJECT: Joe Online Feedback.

Hi Mike,
It is great to see you doing a site for Joe Byrne. Despite his low
profile, Joe's role in the Kelly story should not be underestimated
or undervalued. No matter what is said about Joe in retrospect - we
should not forget that Ned respected and trusted him utterly, and
that he played a main role in the legend of the Kelly gang. It will
be great to get a closer look at him and hopefully from your work on
this site, we will all get a better understanding of Joe the man.
Good luck with the new site (where on earth do you find the time for
two?). Plus, I wish you the best of luck with your move to Glenrowan.
Keep up the hard work Mike - it is all worth it.
Cheers, Nicky :) - Thanks Nicky; Thanks for the safe move to Glenrowan, Well, time it's one thing I can't get enough of! but it's there, I hope to answer all the up - coming questions relating Joe. Again thanks for the comments! Mike.

llama | llama@computraders.net | nedkelly.cjb.net | 05.08.2002

SUBJECT: Well done champ!

Yet again...Young Mike Lawson has come up with the goods! To
those visitors that see Mike as a kid obsessed with the Kelly's, or just
wonder who the kid is...allow me to tell you what i think of the young
champion: He's about Australia, and our short history, and what he can do
about keeping it alive and well! ...any help i have givin the bloke has
been my absolute pleasure!... and his 'crank calls' to me from his mobile
phone late at night - Thanks Llama, I can't be more appercitaive to this fellow bloke of mine thanks Dave! Folks, Dave also has his own Kelly site at www.nedkelly.cjb.net to know also the story behind me check out my Why Joe? page.

Wlliam Lane | stupidfox@hotmail.com | 2.08.02

SUBJECT: What a ' good ' Site

I am amazed in the speed that this website went up, it was only one page one day, and next it was ready to go.

I am a year 12 student and I am doing my HSC, and un - fortunately I can not do Ned Kelly as my teacher, said there is too much info on him. So after seeing this website, I dedicded I would do it on Ned's best friend Joe Byrne. I have a few questions I hope you will be able to answer:

1/ Was Joe byrne's horse named Music or Mirth? , Many sources say different.

Joe's horse was music, but Music obeyed both Ned and Joe, for example during Ned's last stand, Music walked between Ned and his attacking police, as if Joe was offering his mate one last chance to escape, Ned pushed her on, she began to trot off, when constable Arthur carefully took aim, and gunned Music down, when everything was over Music had dissapered. Ned's horeses name was Mirth.

2/ How did Ned Kelly & Joe Byrne meet?

Well, this one is a tricky one, in the Last Outlaw, Ian Jones' 4 part series, Jim Kelly seemed to have picked up Joe and Aaron, after their stint in gaol, for Illegal possesion of a cow hide. As Jim put it in the Last Outlaw, "...I picked up these desperates, fresh out of Beechworth Gaol..." they were met at " Burkes hole saw mill " But Joe, Aaron and the Kelly brothers were never in Beechworth at the same time. So my therory it was more than likely through Jim.

3/ What is your explantion, on why Joe Byrne killed Aaron Sherritt?

I think personally, Joe was pushed over the edge, of everything, hassled by the Quinns who wanted Aaron dead, and also Tom Lloyd who, thought Aaron was betraying them, but I don't think Joe wanted to kill Aaron, I think it was more than likely, a sper of the moment thing, and Joe had lost all sense of life.

Thank you,

William Lane. - No worries Willaim, hope I have helped - Mike.

Shannon | kx85patto@hotmail.com | 24.07.02

SUBJECT: Feedback

that's crap only joking - yes thanks Shannon, but I am glad you were only Joking - Mike

Mike | webmaster@joebyrne.cjb.net | 19.07.02

SUBJECT: Is this Joe Byrne?

Many questions have been raised about the picture from Ian Jones's and may I say My Bible, that book is " The friendship that destroyed Ned Kelly " There has been many disputes whether it is Joe or not, so now JoeOnline gives YOU the chance to vote.....

Is this Joe Byrne? ----------- >

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Leslie Moore| leslie@hotmail.com | 18.07.02

SUBJECT: Good Site!

To the webmaster of this site just a congrats on a new and rather different website, Ned would be proud, as he would think Joe deserves a site! thanks for the chance to have say! - Thank you Leslie, I think Ned would be proud too.