It's great to see you are doing a site on Joe Byrne. Despite his low profile, Joe's role in the Kelly story should not be underestimated or undervalued. No matter what is said about Joe in retrospect - we should not forget that Ned respected and trusted him utterly, and that he played a main role in the legend of the Kelly gang. It will be great to get a closer look at him and hopefully from your work on this site, we will all get a better understanding of Joe the man

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This month's debate is about the lock-up door used to string Joe: Benalla has one is it the real thing? Joe's stiffened corps, strung up outside the Benalla lock-up. But what happened to the door he was on? Benalla Costume and Pioneer Museum claim they have the original door on display for all to view. But, is it the real thing?...
So let your vicious, ferocious and plainly mad replies roll in and let the world of Joe know your opinion. Go get 'em!







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